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A news service reporting on developments regarding the use of radio based tagging transponder systems for commerce and scientific applications. Covering the RFID technologies, EAS technologies and magnetic/electric field coupled techniques.


Mike Marsh

Graduated with a B.Sc(Elec Eng) from Wits University South Africa and worked for a major South African Government Research establishment for a period of 20 years.

Specialised in radio frequency systems, target recognition systems, microprocessors - digital - analog and system design and the design of software systems. Appointed programme manager of Mining Systems of MIKOMTEK. Co-inventor and development team leader of five major world first inventions in South Africa since 1989 in the fields of radio frequency identification (Supertag), electronic detonators (MSB), low cost telephony (Elsie), retailing labeling (Displaywrite), mine communications (CNS) and advanced short range radar systems with target classification. Cited as co-inventor on approximately 200 international patent applications.
Winner of a CSIR Outstanding Achiever Award and The MIKOMTEK Trevor Wadley Award for Innovation.

South African Expert on laser and radar speed measuring devices and often assists the Automobile Association with defence for motorists.
During 1997 was a member of the Technical Committee for Safety and Procedures for Traffic Control and Traffic Control Equipment of the South African Department of Transport responsible for developing a technically sound South African Bureau of Standards specification no 1795:1997 entitled Speed measuring equipment, and developing sound prosecution guidelines for implimenting approved equipment.

Qualified as a Private Pilot and owns and flies a Cessna 182 with more that 250 hours of experience. Recently had a setback when he had a prop strike against the aircraft's towbar while still at the hanger.

Sails badly catamarans, formerly a Tornado and currently a Halcat.

Married to a Civil Engineer, Joan and has two sons Andrew and Christopher.

Former Chief Timekeeper (for about 17 years) for motor racing in South Africa. For the past 15 years has been Treasurer of the South African Military History Society.

In 1994 started a consultancy RFID Technologies CC to assist manufacturers produce transponder systems and has developed a track record as one of the world's experts on Transponder technology..

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