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Transponder News

A news service reporting on developments regarding the use of radio based tagging transponder systems for commerce and scientific applications. Covering the RFID technologies, EAS technologies and magnetic coupled techniques.

How RFID systems work

A brief introduction to some of the systems available

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A radio transponder system uses radio energy to provide an energising field, which powers up the transponders in the field and enables then to return their identity back to the reader. The transponders can be attached to goods and the radio energy can penetrate many types of packaging, allowing a system to for example scan the contents of a supermarket trolley, a pile of books, goods in a warehouse, etc. It is actually not as simple as this but we will attempt to provide further information in this document to highlight some of the issues.
An Electronic Article Surveillance system (EAS) is used to detect the presence of operating tags that pass through its energising field. It could be used for instance in a retail outlet to detect tags that have not been neutralised at a point of sale terminal, therefore acting as an effective anti-shoplifting system.

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The components of a tagging system are the transponders, a transmitter to provide energy to the tags, and a reader to receive the identities of the tags, and a computer system to process the information. In order to receive the identities of many tags in a field at the same time, a protocol is needed. By using electric field propogation systems, typical reading ranges of 4 meteres are easily achievable.

Continued in part 2

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