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A news service reporting on developments regarding the use of radio based tagging transponder systems for commerce and scientific applications. Covering the RFID technologies, EAS technologies and magnetic coupled techniques.

Improved logistics with 2.45 GHz RFID

Long range and high speed

TagMaster AB in Sweden manufactures CONFIDENT, a long range, high speed, directive, EMI tolerant and generally robust 2.45 GHz identification system. 2.45 GHz systems make it easy to synchronise the supply-, manufacturing- and distribution chain. This gives less capital tie up in materials, improved planning flexibility, less work force need and fewer faults. Usually, the overall security is also improved and the investment often pays off in less than a year.

Thanks to the improved communications infrastructure in a modern society, very little data need to be stored in the tags. This lowers the overall system cost significantly and gives better control to the managing system. With dropping network costs, companies tend to use small chip tags and readers with modern protocols like TCP/IP for on line service via the Internet.

Many applications

Supply chain logistics. Modern car manufacturers buy in advanced parts such as dashboards, seats, engines etc. from large and specialised factories. Since the parts exist in many versions, take as long time to manufacture as the car and usually are bulky and hard to store, they need to arrive to exactly the right place and at exactly the right time. A 2.45 GHz ID system automatically reports the arrival at the factory entrance, opens the barrier and directs the driver to the right unload point via one or more displays. This automatic guidance is appreciated since car factories are often huge and difficult to navigate. As a complement, a message can be sent via internet to the logistics system when the truck is identified at the exit of the specialised factory.

Distribution centres. 2.45 GHz RFID is often used in distribution centres, where the dispatch manager gets information each time a truck enters. He can then organise a new load and assign a gate while the truck is cleaned after the previous run. Once the dispatch manager has ‘clicked’ the right new load, load gate and truck together, a display guides the truck driver to the right loading gate. The ID system can also command barriers at the exit to prevent theft of trucks.

Garbage centres. Most waste dumps serve alargearea covering many communities. To organise the debiting in relation to the amount of waste, long range ID of the garbage trucks when they enter provides an automatic debiting tool. The system can direct the drivers to certain locations at the dump to avoid queues. In sites where the waste is burned for energy, the truck ID also provides clearing of the energy value according to the load delivered.

Unmanned factories. The process industry operates with little staff and around the hour. By automatic ID and weighing of the trucks at plant entry and exit, a fully unmanned customer debiting is possible. This method is often used in e.g. concrete plants. A display at the entrance can guide the driver to the right loading point, thereby avoiding queues and eliminating the risk that the wrong grade of material is loaded into the truck. At the exit, automatic correlation of the identity and weight provides the necessary information for automatic billing.

Airport freight terminal. Automatic identification of freight truck drivers provides a quick, yet secure, access between land-side and air-side. The driver is identified inside the truck through the front window, making it impossible for a violator to get access to the air-side by stealing a truck and driving through.

Harbours. Automatic identification is needed when containers and other loads will be out of reach for a long time e.g. when transported on ships. The trucks are automatically identified on arrival to the harbour, for automatic guidance and access through the entrance barrier and customs weighing bridges.


Access control in industrial areas. Industrial areas are visited by many vehicles each day. With CONFIDENT, all vehicles belonging to the employees, shipping/distribution- and service companies can access without need to painstakingly open a side window and stretch out swipe a card.

Tagmaster can be contacted via the supplier section of Transponder News

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