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A news service reporting on developments regarding the use of radio based tagging transponder systems for commerce and scientific applications. Covering the RFID technologies, EAS technologies and magnetic coupled techniques.

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Transponder News encourages all companies involved in providing RFID services/systems to submit information for FREE publication either in the "Supplier", "News", or "Technical Information" sections. Requirements for such publication are listed elsewhere.
Transponder News does not allow links to individual companies web sites in these sections except for advertisers.
For those suppliers who wish to attract interested readers to their web sites, Transponder News are allowing companies to advertise by the means of specially designed "banner adverts" placed on chosen pages and which are linked to the respective companies websites.
Transponder News was launched on the 7th June 1996 and has become an important reference site on the Web for radio identification technology.
Transponder News monthly transfer over 30000 html pages of information per month to readers all over the world. This counting method refers to the pages of text only and ignores any additional images/files included in those pages in the counting statistics.
Transponder News readers are typically potential or current users of RFID technology, wishing to acquire more information about this developing technology, or wishing to contact companies that might be able to supply their requirements.
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Transponder News staff run the Web sites on which this publication is published, including mirror sites elsewhere in the world on which the publication will also be published in the future.
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The advertiser is to supply a 256 colour 466 by 60 pixel JPEG image to be used as the banner advert. Multilayer GIF images are also acceptable. The linking address is also to be supplied.
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