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A news service reporting on developments regarding the use of radio based tagging transponder systems for commerce and scientific applications. Covering the RFID technologies, EAS technologies and magnetic coupled techniques.

Comparing Active and Passive UHF transponders

Electric field transponder systems are grouped as either active or passive. The active versions have their own batteries on board for powering up the transponders, while the passive versions are usually very energy efficient and can operate on the energy received from the reader field. At frequencies above 2.4Ghz transponders would usually be active due to problems in energising transponders which have a very high operating frequency. From 400Mhz to 2.45Ghz transponders would usually be passive in contruction.

Passive UHF Active
Energy source efficient conversion of RF energy radiated from reader On Board battery
Transponder life Infinite Typically a few years
Cost Cheap Up to US$25
Multiple transponders Up to 1000 Up to 50
Frequency agile Operate on frequencies from 860Mhz to 930Mhz allowing international trade Operate on fixed single frequency
Range Within reader beam of a few metres (13 metres) Varies depending on height above ground

(up to 100 metres)

Interference Responds only when in energising field Can be detected by any system operating within range on same frequency
Reader Complex technology Simple technology

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